Loan Officers

Please speak with two or three loan officers to determine which loan program, terms, service and rate is right for you. Once you’re pre-approved for a loan, then you’ll know the right price range for your new home. You can get a pre-approval letter to match your offer and then get another one later to match the final negotiated price, if it’s higher than your offer price. If you choose new construction, then the builder’s preferred lender can usually give you a good rate and has spec locks available for longer periods of time. Some homes have restrictions until about half the homes have been sold in a new community, before buyers can use an outside lender. Below are loan officers who perform well and are very knowledgeable in the mortgage industry with its ever-changing regulations. Once you decide on which loan officer is best for you, then you can ask them to email both of us a pre-approval letter to submit with your offer. You can fully apply for a loan after you reach mutual acceptance on your offer. Obtaining a fully underwritten loan in 2 weeks can help you compete against cash offers that close in two weeks. It’s possible to change your lender after you have mutual acceptance, but it’s strongly encouraged to shop and choose prior to submitting an offer. One caveat is to please avoid any online e-lenders, as many times they can’t provide a promised loan.

Brian Calvo

[email protected]
206 769 4432
Caliber Home Loans
777 108th Ave NE Suite 1700
Bellevue WA 98004
Homebot Home Valuation – How to use your equity wisely!


Petros Christophilis

Mortgage Loan Officer
[email protected]
206 406 4690 Z
Zoom meetings to discuss waiving financing and an appraisal.


Abdisa Tufa

Guidance Residential Account Executive
206 260 1726 [email protected]
16400 Southcenter Parkway
Halal way and sharia compliant


Saul Bailey

Mortgage Consultant
[email protected]
425 750 2594
Very responsive and timely.
Amazon signing bonuses and RSUs.



 [email protected]
425 233 2492
500 108th Ave NE Suite 1F3
Bellevue WA 98004


Rosa Briggs

[email protected]
425 344 5584
Processing, underwriting, funding locally

Mortgage Consultant VERY creative and experienced.


Ryan Bundy

206 331 2641
[email protected]
Can set own rates.


Rodney Coulombe

Branch Manager RPM Mortgage 25+ years experience
[email protected]
cell 206 915 7042
office 425 449
5310 11235 SE 6th St Ste 130 Bellevue +VA


Paul Dolan

LeaderOne Financial Corp Can roll low appraisal into loan.
425 214 1266
[email protected] Microsoft Prime


Bill Busey

NMLS #2162322
(206) 227-5122
[email protected]


Lisa Palmer

Loan Officer 1st Security Bank
[email protected]
206 235 9796
614 Broadway East, Seattle 98102 Portfolio loans
Works late on the weekends


Mike England

Fairway Mortgage Reverse Mortgage Planner
206 271 3219
[email protected]
4717 19th St Ste 102 Tacoma WA 98405


Brandon Larson

[email protected]
206 290 5274
Senior Home Lending


Pippa Jordan

[email protected]
425 443 4321
500 108th Ave NE Suite 2500
Bellevue WA 98004

unnamed (4)

Zack Thompson

Quicken Loans
Only team to use at Quicken.
[email protected]
248 921 5508