Inspectors and Attorneys

My Washington State Inspectors use infrared cameras, or infrared thermography, to locate water leaks inside walls and other problems that aren’t visible. I give your inspection report to the builder to make corrections prior to close. You can use your inspector again at the 11th month for the builder to do 1-year warranty items.


Keven Swartz

800 594 4053 Uses digital and thermal photography and videos, including with drones.

Jeff Longaker

425 296 4200
[email protected]

Bryan Mize

206 349 0733 [email protected] verbal

Austin McFeeley

Austin McFeeley


Cory Beetley

[email protected]
206 282 2710
ARAG Attorney, Real Estate Law and Litigation

Robert Bartlett

[email protected]
206 282 2710
ARAG Attorneys

Ken Davidson

[email protected]
425 822 2228
520 Kirkland Way Suite 400, Kirkland, WA 98083
Real Estate Law, Wills and Probate

Tom Gates

[email protected]
253 332 7899
ARAG Attorney Estate Planning and Probate

Martin Burns

[email protected]
253 507 5586
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